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How To Ask Strict Parents For Makeup To Wear At School?

Girls as young as 3 or 4 can try to experiment with making up, with or without their parents’ knowledge.

Though these experimental stages are a natural part of growing up, they definitely need to be controlled. When choosing whether to let your daughter wear makeup or ask strict parents for makeup to wear at school.

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When girls reach typically between the ages of 11 and 13, pre-adolescent ages, the friends and media start influencing their wishes and choices.

Many pre-teen girls look up as role models to the celebrities, and the media ultimately affects the expectations of other girls to look and feel good. Makeup application essentially helps girls feel like they are like role models of celebrities.

When parents allow their kids to wear makeup during this period, they also think about when and how to set limits.

Most parents attempt to set guidelines but also avoid being too monitored. It is appropriate for grandmothers and mothers to be fully involved in the application of makeup for their daughters, including showing what is acceptable and age-appropriate for their children.

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As girls reach age 14 to 17, many start rejecting the influence of their parents and preferring to obey that of their peers.

Parents are repeatedly concerned about the extent to which children’s friends influence them. Of course, many girls will keep on trying to imitate common media makeup trends as well as what is appropriate among their peers.

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Many parents believe that they will concentrate on keeping their teenage girls in open contact, as well as understanding how their daughters sense about their body.

At this age it is normal for girls to go through the rite of passage and experiment with making up. If parents completely forbid their daughters to wear makeup, some girls might not understand why their parents make those strict rules.

Instead of fully banning teenage daughters from wearing makeup, a parent may want to teach them what is appropriate for their age and help them consider the social consequences of wearing “too much” makeup.


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