Wear Head Wraps At School

A head scarf is a quite understated accessory frequently ignored by most women. It is, however, a very bold accessorizing choice that some women use to wear head wraps at schooling a different and easy and effortless way.

Head scarves are an ideal solution to keeping your hair tamed and in place. They add an interesting twist to your hair, too.

So swap your usual ponytail or hair clips to a very urban style to make your hair look pretty with a head scarf, if you want to look chic and cool.

This style usually works best with a silk head scarf. The thin fabric makes working with that easier. You will need to tie it tightly, so it does not slip off your hair. The goal now is really to learn and master the various styling strategies on your head or wearing head wrap.

A head scarf can be a Headband substitute. This design adds an easy do color. You spread your scarf out flat, and fold it diagonally to form a triangle after catching both sides.

head scarf

Roll up the scarf until a long, thick rectangular band becomes. Flip your hair and adjust the band position until the center is in your forehead and at the top of your neck is the square knot that you will tie under your hair.

You just flatten it around the band after you have flipped your hair back. Now, all you have to do is change the scarf ‘s edges to make them hang up in front.

This is a very versatile style because to make new looks you can just keep changing the thickness of the band on.

We can also transform a head scarf into a head wrap. It is the perfect remedy for fighting off a windy beach day.

head wraps

This styling can prevent all of your hair from getting tangled up and difficult to comb later on. Fold the scarf back into a triangle, and put the middle of the long side in the center of the forehead.

Bring around the back the edges of the head scarf, and tie them together. You can either keep all your hair securely inside the head wrap, or you can just keep it tightly tied with the knot to put the hair in place.

This is really such a beautiful look because you can let the extra fabric flow and particularly if you choose something colorful or with a beautiful pattern, you can make everything about your scarf absolutely.


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