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Reasons Why Schools Ban Nail Polish

Painting a kid’s toenails and fingernails sounds like harmless fun to most parents; some salons also sell kids pedicures and manicures.

And sometimes the idea delights young kids who enjoy bright colors or want different ways of expressing themselves.

However, it is worth learning schools ban nail polish before you paint your child’s nails. Many brands contain chemicals that may affect your decision.

Toxins found in many Polish Nails

The pretty bottle of nail polish can, sadly, be a mixture of chemicals that some researchers say are potentially dangerous and toxic. However, the amount they present a threat is being debated.

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  • Toluene is a compound that is often used in household items such as paint thinners, artificial fragrances, cleaning solutions. Repeated and Prolonged exposure to toluene has been shown to cause liver and kidney damage, as well as nervous system problems and upper respiratory problems.
  • TPHP is a compound that can damage the endocrine system and is used as a fire retardant for producing plastics.

TPHP can be found in many of the top nail polish brands in today. In 2015, a study conducted by researchers at Duke University and Environmental Working Group found that 26 women who were tested had a sharp increase in TPHP levels in urine.

  • Formaldehyde is commonly used in construction materials and in many household goods. Schools ban nail extensions and serves as a hardener to prevent chipping off your nail polish.

Long-term exposure may cause breathing difficulties, and can increase the risk of some cancer types.

It should also be remembered that children tend to put their pretty little toes and fingers in their mouths — and there is not much you can do to protect them from such behavior.

Since ingestion is possible, some parents may refrain entirely from using chemical nail polishes on infants. Only nail polishes which are labeled “non-toxic” can contain toxic substances.


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