Hear why community groups and leaders across the LA area are supporting Measure EE! 


"As a former school board president, I understand the critical role that local schools play in our kids' lives and in our communities. That’s why I am proud to support Measure EE."

-Ben Allen, State Senator 


"Measure EE is crucial to ensuring the success of students at LAUSD and having them ready to enter the higher education system, including our LA Community Colleges." 

-Mike Fong, President of the LA Community College District Board 


“Our children deserve a school environment where they can thrive with smaller class sizes, exceptional teachers and support staff all there to improve their ability to learn. That’s why I support Measure EE.”

-Sheila Kuehl, LA County Supervisor 


"Measure EE will raise $500 million annually to reduce classroom sizes and hire more nurses, counselors and support staff to make sure that all children in LAUSD public schools have access to high quality public education. Vote Yes on EE!" 

-Miracle Mile Democratic Club