Teachers Issue Voter Warning


Mailer Against Measure EE is Misleading; Mail voting starts today


LOS ANGELES -- Los Angeles' teachers warned voters today that the No on Measure EE campaign mailer sent over the weekend is misleading and intended to trick voters about the June 4th ballot measure to lower class sizes and improve Los Angeles' local schools. Voting by mail for Measure EE starts today.


United Teachers Los Angeles is a chief organizer of the Yes on EE campaign.


UTLA President (and 22-year public school teacher) Alex Caputo-Pearl said:


“The truth is that the No on EE campaign is led by corporate lobbyists and landlords who simply don’t want to pay their fair share to support our kids. In fact, one of the No campaign's chief organizers, LA Area Chamber of Commerce CEO Maria Salinas, stated publicly at the February 28, 2019 LAUSD Board Meeting that the Chamber would have supported Measure EE if it were drafted as a regressive tax, meaning that that the owner of a 1 million square foot skyscraper would be assessed the same amount as the owner of a 1,500 square foot house. Measure EE is applied per square foot -- so that skyscraper-owners pay more than homeowners. This is especially fair in light of record corporate profits, high rents and Trump's tax breaks.”


He noted:


*The No campaign mailer falsely states Measure EE has “No Accountability."


In fact, Measure EE requires that every dollar is used to support local schools and cannot be taken by the state or federal government. All Measure EE funds are required by law to be used only for voter-approved purposes. Annual public reports and annual audits by an independent firm are required. LAUSD also established an Independent Taxpayer Oversight Committee to provide accountability and ensure that funds from Measure EE are used as approved by voters.


Here is a video of former LA Controller Wendy Greuel talking about Measure EE's accountability measures: 



*The mailer misleadingly states that Measure EE “hits low-income taxpayers the hardest” and “hurts renters.”


The truth is that commercial and industrial landlords would pay the vast majority of Measure EE. Its 16 cent assessment is applied per square foot, so the owner of a skyscraper would pay more than a homeowner, for example. Renters are NOT taxed.


Measure EE includes exemptions for homeowners over 65 and certain disability recipients.


The campaign mailer states that “Measure EE is unfair to families and children” in an attempt to deceive voters about a ballot measure that would help students and their families by providing funds to lower class sizes; attract and retain high quality teachers and school employees; provide equitable school nursing, library and counseling services; ensure safe, secure, clean, well-maintained, supportive and welcoming schools; and support special needs, homeless, foster, and other underserved and disadvantaged students.


Please visit www.yesonee.org for more information about how Measure EE will lower class sizes and improve LA’s neighborhood schools.