Mayor Garcetti Urges Yes on EE

Dear Friend,

I know it seems that the election season has been year-round lately. But now, more than ever, it's critically important to exercise our power at the ballot box. So, if you are in a neighborhood served by an LAUSD school, I urge you to join me and vote YES on Measure EE -- voting by mail starts on May 6 and election day is June 4!

Measure EE is all about helping our local LAUSD schools retain and attract quality teachers, counselors, school nurses, librarians, support staff, and principals.

Measure EE is subject to strict accountability requirements. It requires that every dollar be used to support local schools -- and money cannot be taken by the state or federal government for any purpose. Measure EE will have public oversight and requires annual independent audits to ensure that all dollars are spent as promised.

Voting yes on Measure EE is a critical part of the solution to the public education funding crisis highlighted by the recent teachers strike in the Los Angeles area.

As mayor, I have no authority over LAUSD, and our city budget is entirely separate. But I am making Yes on Measure EE a top priority of mine because our schools are essential to the overall health of our city -- stronger schools mean a stronger economy, increased public safety, and less strain on our social services.

Make a plan right now to vote YES on Measure EE. Remember -- voting by mail starts on May 6, and election day is June 4.

Let's do something profoundly important for our communities and vote yes on Measure EE.